„Death becomes her“ – Inspiration with a message


At the moment I`m like a sponge: everything I see I soak right into my mind and try to figure out wheither it can help me in my metamorphosis and today I found a jackpot:

Death becomes her!

Good old times!!! Three woman at once who are a) breathtakingly beautiful, b) strong & c) a little psycho! How funny that these are the features I identify most with in actresses/women! Okay, I`m a psycho but hey I can live with it!

death_becomes_her_1-1982death_becomes_her_2-184death_becomes_her_2-257death_becomes_her_2-357The outfits are just soooooooo inspiring and great to look  at! Actually I got inspired to wear polka dots. Oh so lady-like!

More screenshots here !

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